Wherever you may be in your PDR Career, The Dent Academy has a course to suit your needs.



  • Be your own boss
  • Earn up to $100 – $300K+ in 6-8 months of the year
  • See the world and interstate
  • Accelerate your career immediately
  • Have an uncapped income
  • Take hold of your future

Are you feeling held back in your career and know that there is something else out there that is going to give you more to work with to build your future and pay you on the effort and time you put in with no limit of earnings? Something that gives you the ability to travel and see the world whilst working for yourself, opening unlimited opportunities.

The Core PDR Hail course will educate and implement the core framework and standards to operate from when approaching hail damaged vehicles to apply the multiple methods of repair used in the Paintless Dent Removal method. From the standard pushing through to the mastery art of glue pulling and blending.


Benefits and Outcomes

  • Confidently repair light-medium hail damaged vehicles
  • Quote and assess vehicles for hail damage
  • 4-6 month post support after completing the course
  • Career opportunities with several hail companies
  • Industry recognised




  • Be your own boss
  • Set your own hours
  • Work locally 
  • Earn up to $60-$100K per year
  • Work on new & used vehicles
  • Work on high-end prestige vehicles

Are you looking for a career change to slow down from demanding 8-5 job, and work locally servicing your local dealers and automotive repairers on your own time frame and hours?

The Dents & Dings PDR Course will educate and implement the relevant framework and standards to operate from when repairing a large volume of door dings and dents. Delivered in 2 weeks of intensive theory and practical instruction, this course is best for beginners starting out in their PDR career.

Benefits and Outcomes

  •  Confidently repair small to medium size dents and dings
  • Confidently quote and assess vehicles for dents, dings and creases
  • 4-6 month post-course support
  • Career opportunities with mobile service companies




  • Understand foundational theory of PDR
  • Experience pushing dents on a real panel
  • Ensure PDR is the right career for you
  • Be coached by experianced facilitators
  • Complete the lessons at your own pace
  • Study part time

Are you interested in PDR training and lifestyle it can provide you? This course will provide you with all the foundational knowledsge you will need to begin your career in PDR. Follow along in the comfort of your own home at a time that suits you.

The Online PDR Starter Course will guide you through the theoretical and practical steps to mastering the art of PDR. This will be achieved by being part of our online learning platform to work through the 10 subjects delivered across a total of 60 modules. Implementing each exercise on the practical panels and stands delivered straight to your door. 

Benefits and Outcomes

  • Confidently repair small dents and crease lines
  • Weekly calls with your personal PDR coach
  • 3 months access to the online learning modules
  • Understand if you wish to process with further training




Course Modules 12 20
Duration (weeks) 2 4+1-2 weeks if required
Post support 6-8 x 30 minute calls Full support 6-12 months
Business guidance Yes
Damaged Vehicle (during the course) Yes Yes
Post Mentoring / Development Program Yes (T&C apply)
Ability to repeat and review modules Lifetime / Unlimited
Finance Available Yes (T&C Apply) Yes (T&C Apply)
Set up Pty Ltd Company Yes (T&C Apply)



How long will it take me to earn money to offset the cost of my course?

On completing the Core PDR Hail Course each student will earn (on average) anywhere from $50K to $160K in the first 12 months. This is also reliant on what time the student completes the course in relation to the hail season, and how much work they can acquire. Our statistics on 4 students that completed the Core PDR course around the same time indicate that each one was able to recoup the cost of the course back by the following time frames:

Student 1 // Month 7 earnings $29,548 // Total 12 months earnings #63,732.

Student 1 came from a corporate background as an office manager with little to know experience working with tools and had no exposure to hand-eye coordination when working with tools. As a result it was a more measured progress when starting out but after the 4 week course and a bit more practice he was able to see a return on his investment within 12 months as he was earning more than $150K in annual turnover doing PDR.

Student 2 // Month 5 earnings $32,386 // Total 12 months earnings $95,209

Student 2 came from a personal training background and had a bit more experience with his hands. As a result there has been a slight increase in revenue as he was able to learn on a quicker sale. This specific student has excelled and after the 12 month mark was averaging $150-$200K+ in annual turnover.

Student 3 // Month 3 earnings $31,435 // Total 12 months earnings $161,767

Student 4 was a very driven and highly motivated individual who, since completing this course, has changed his life around completely, coming from around $50,000 in debt to building a large property portfolio. He has had some very successful years since this, with some years earning up to $400-$500K annually with a lot of drive and determination.

Once I finish the course, how much work is out there

Across the global hail occurs daily, it is completely up to you how much work and travel you take on. In the United States, for example, between 2008 and 2014, over $7 billion was paid out by insurance companies to repair hail damaged vehicles. A little closer to home, according to the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM), 51 hail storms occurred in 2017 and 39 in 2018. The size of the catastrophe all depends on the size of the hail and the population size affected. For example, the storm which impacted Sydney in 1999 damaged over 40,000 vehicles.

Is the PDR industry saturated with PDR techs?

Each year across all the major hail companies there are large numbers of international techs that are called upon. In one season you would expect anywhere from 300 to 500 international techs invited to fill vacant positions in Australia due to the supply and demand in the peak hail season. Companies will always seek to fill positions with domestic PDR technicians first giving you confidence your skills will be in high demand.

After a 4 week training course, will I be ready?

Currently there are no industry standards or bodied certification within the PDR industry. As a result, quality and standards within the PDR industry are very inconsistent. This presents a gap in the labour market for highly trained technicians who have been taught the correct techniques from the start.