Paintless dent removal is increasingly being viewed as an attractive career choice around the world. As techniques advance and it becomes faster and cheaper to repair dents in vehicles, like those made by hail, more people and insurance companies are looking to have their cars repaired rather than written-off or have panels replaced. At The Dent Academy, we’ve noticed a large number of students asking how our courses differ from those provided by TAFE in the past. We’ve put together a few ways in which The Dent Academy courses stand out from those offered by TAFE and other paintless dent removal education providers.

Learn from experienced industry experts

The Founder and course designer at The Dent Academy is John Ashton. John began his career in boat building and, recognising the opportunities in paintless dent removal, quickly transitioned into providing his own services through the Hail Response Team, Australia’s leading paintless dent removal specialists.

When you undertake courses through The Dent Academy, you will be guided by industry experts who are currently working in the industry. You will have all the benefits of high-quality education and training as well as exposure to the industry as it stands right now – which means you can hit the ground running with advanced skills.

Receive extensive post-course support

One of the major benefits of studying through The Dent Academy is our focus on post-course support. You won’t just earn your qualification and walk out the door – we’ll be by your side as you put your new skills to work in the real world. Whether you need help with tools or your business, we will help you further develop your knowledge and add the final touch to being a fully qualified paintless dent removal technician.

Immediate job opportunities when you graduate

Thanks to the close association between The Dent Academy and the Hail Response Team, many of our students have immediate job opportunities as soon as they graduate. If there is no capacity in the Hail Response Team, we will support you to find a job elsewhere or start your own business.

Get help building your own business

Many of our students choose to build their own business upon graduation. We strongly encourage this, as we believe that the more businesses using The Dent Academy techniques and methods, the better. It serves to spread the word that great dent repair is possible, rather than needing to live with dents or writing-off hail damaged vehicles. You’ll receive help in acquiring clients, responding to major hail events, quoting jobs, and more.

Earn industry-leading qualifications

Thanks to our high level of involvement in the paintless dent removal and hail repair industry, our qualifications are widely recognised as the best possible stamp of approval a PDR technician can receive. Feel free to chat to anyone currently working in the industry and ask for their opinion on our courses. There is a good reason our qualifications are widely recognised – we do everything we can to ensure our courses are cutting edge, not just for what they teach, but also for how they’re taught.

A history of excellence in paintless dent removal courses

John’s experience led him to the firm belief that paintless dent removal should be taught with a greater focus on reproducible skills, speed and efficiency.

With his knowledge and experience, John worked with world-class technicians in all parts of the world with jobs and contracts in Europe, North America and South Africa.

He brought this knowledge and experience back to Australia and realised that he could achieve a higher standard than what was available in the Australian market, and so established The Dent Academy.

He has trained top-class technicians in the art of dent removal and expects nothing less than perfection from himself and his students.

Recent graduates have gone onto create a successful career in the PDR industry and are able to work in any area of the world with the confidence of repairing vehicles that most companies would write off or refuse to repair with the PDR Method.

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