Paintless dent removal as a career can be highly rewarding. Whether you’re looking for a job that gives you the opportunity to produce high-quality work or you simply want something that will be financially lucrative, paintless dent removal is a good option for you.

At The Dent Academy, we measure our success based on the careers of our graduate technicians. So we put a huge amount of effort into helping our students further develop their skills and businesses after they finish their training with us.

How much money can a PDR technician make?

The cap on your earnings is largely limited by the effort you are willing to put in. If you take our courses, focus on learning everything we offer, and take advantage of our post-course support to grow your own business, you could extremely good money just by yourself. As you grow your client base and skills, you can expand and hire employees that will also contribute to your business’ growth. Many paintless dent removal technicians earn their annual income in very short periods following major hail events. So if flexibility and earning a lot of money in a short period sounds good to you, paintless dent removal as a career could be a good option.

Is it hard to learn paintless dent removal?

How difficult it is to learn paintless dent removal techniques depends entirely on the student and the teacher. As a discipline, it can be very challenging. However, some students are able to quickly grasp the underlying principles and apply the right tools and solutions to different situations. We have had a large amount of experience training students in paintless dent removal through The Dent Academy, so we are familiar with many of the roadblocks students face and the various teaching methods needed to help students who learn in different ways.

If you are a person who learns by seeing and doing, you may find it easier to pick up paintless dent removal as a career. This is because at The Dent Academy, lessons are highly focused on hands-on work and live demonstrations. We’ve found that this is the most effective way to communicate the methods needed to produce exceptional work.

What type of person does well in a paintless dent removal career?

Paintless dent removal can be an excruciatingly testing job at times. But if you are able to persistently work at something until you get it right, you may find that PDR is extremely rewarding. It is not a career for an impatient person, nor is it a good option for a person that is not details focussed. You need to be prepared to uphold the highest standards on every single job. At The Dent Academy, we empower all our students and technicians to deliver exceptional results through advanced methods.

We are always looking for the next generation of professional paintless dent removal technicians. If you would like to begin pursuing your brand-new career right now, speak to us. We’ll guide you through everything you need to know to make the right choices for your future.

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