The Dent Academy has a long history of providing high-quality paintless dent removal courses to students from around the world.

Our aim is to develop student technicians to the highest possible standard and build a paintless dent removal community that revolves around integrity, respect and results. We provide several courses to this end, with students who participate in our program graduating with the highest possible paintless dent removal qualifications. Below, we have put together a brief explanation of our courses to help you make a better choice for your studies. 

Dents and Dings 

Length: Two Weeks

Our Dents and Dings course is designed to equip you with the foundational knowledge to start your career in paintless dent removal. This course is structured for beginners, helping you go from being entirely new to paintless dent removal to being able to complete work to industry standards and repair small and medium-sized dents. The course focuses on repairing doors. 

When you complete this course, you will also receive 6 months of post-course support to assist you in further developing your skills and client base. Regardless of your background or expertise, you can get started in this paintless dent removal course very quickly. We’ll take you through the basics from the ground up to give you a full understanding of the kind of work you need to do and how to achieve great results doing it. 

Core PDR Hail Repair

Length: Three weeks

Our Core PDR Hail Repair training course is focused on repairing hail damage to vehicles. This paintless dent removal course is designed in a way that helps beginners gain exposure to hail damage repair in an informative, supportive environment. You’ll learn how to quote repairs, do work to a very high standard, gain clients and build your own business as a hail repair technician. As part of the assessment in this course, you will be required to repair a hail damaged vehicle to our standards. 

We also provide the Core PDR Hail Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Assessment. If you’ve already been working in the industry, you can take our Core PDR Hail RPL Assessment (comprised of an online exam and a practical test) to earn an industry-recognised qualification. 

Advanced PDR Hail Course

Length: Five Weeks

The Advanced PDR Hail course is available only to DACA-certified technicians. It is designed to give those with intermediate skills in paintless dent removal advanced skills to help them take on more difficult jobs, work more efficiently and increase their profitability. The Advanced PDR Hail course also gives you the opportunity to secure work with hail repair companies and includes up to three months of post-course support. 

Elite PDR Hail Course

Length: Five Weeks

Our Elite PDR Hail course is our most advanced offering. This paintless dent removal course is designed for those with advanced skills and experience in the industry. It covers our main methods in summary and introduces more advanced methods of dent removal. 

A history of excellence in paintless dent removal courses

The Dent Academy was formed by John Ashton, the founder and owner of Hail Response Team – specialists in catastrophic hail damage repair. His experience led him to the firm belief that paintless dent removal should be taught with a greater focus on reproducible skills, speed and efficiency. 

John began his career as an apprentice boat builder and later transferred his skills and education into paintless dent removal. With his knowledge and experience, John worked with world-class technicians in all parts of the world with jobs and contracts in Europe, North America and South Africa.

He brought this knowledge and experience back to Australia and realised that he could achieve a higher standard than what was available in the Australian market, and so established The Dent Academy.

He has trained top-class technicians in the art of dent removal and expects nothing less than perfection from himself and his students.

Recent graduates have gone on to create a successful career in the PDR industry and are able to work in any area of the world with the confidence of repairing vehicles that most companies would write off or refuse to repair with the PDR Method.

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